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Only after years was he able to sit still and work the Instrumental Enrichment tools, but when he was ready, he was eager to learn. He still is.

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Had we not had the good luck to find Professor Feuerstein when we did I am convinced that my son, who at the age of seven was given to wild and frequent tantrums, would be institutionalized in a restrictive setting today. Like many parents of children who came to the Feuerstein Institute, I shed tears at the funeral.

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So will the French family who were told that their child was hopelessly autistic and then were astounded when the boy learned to talk in just a few weeks at the center. But while they will be many tears of grief, they will also be even more tears of gratitude. And tears of love. One of its tenets was that there must be a warm, trusting relationship between the therapist and the child. It might seem like common sense, but that building block anchored one of the most innovative and useful educational methods the world has ever known. On that day when my little boy wanted to talk to an old man about his glasses, I sensed that Danny had begun an extraordinary journey with an extraordinary guide.

And although Professor Feuerstein will no longer be physically present, his spirit will live on in every classroom where a child like my son is given the gift of learning how to understand and love the world.

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Related Content. August 31, Rioting resumes throughout east Jerusalem Saturday night. MK calls to ban Secret smartphone application. US: Israeli police harassing another Abu Khdeir cousin. Subscribe for our daily newsletter. Hot Opinion. Hillel Fuld. Structural cognitive improvement could be demonstrated in positive change scores in visuo-spatial memory, associative and verbal memory, abstract thinking, and organizing tasks, even more than 10 years post-TBI.

In some cases a rise in IQ has been documented. Improvement in daily life functioning and academic skills re learning has also been seen.

Though impossible to claim scientific evidence, the case histories nevertheless suggest the importance of interactive assessment in designing intervention programs which have sufficient intensity, frequency, duration and consistency of mediation; furthermore, an essential ingredient is the ecological approach which requires working with the patient and the whole network around; a firm "belief system" or that modifiability is possible even with severe brain damage and many years after the injury; a cognitive, metacognitive and executive approach, and a quality of interaction according to criteria of mediated learning.

They suggest that Feuerstein approach may offer interesting perspectives to cognitive rehabilitation.

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More extensive research is needed to provide a broader scientific evidence base. National Center for Biotechnology Information , U. Didn't get the message? Find out why Add to Clipboard.

Notify me. The Pedagogy of Confidence Yvette Jackson. Non accettarmi come sono Reuven Feuerstein. Ilustraciones Reuven Feuerstein. Try AbeBooks. Il programma di arricchimento strumentale di Feuerstein. Fondamenti teorici e applicazioni pratiche. With a Different Glance Jo Lebeer.

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