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In , the Fraser Institute studied why parents chose private schools.

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Among their reasons for being disappointed with public or separate schools, and the emphasis on academic quality, was the importance of safety. They have been persuaded by direct experience or belief that the superior education they desire for their children, whether driven by an explicit individual need of the child or by the child's cultural or religious identity, cannot be adequately met in the school system currently provided by the province of Ontario," says Deani Van Pelt, assistant professor in education at Redeemer University College in Ancaster and co-author of " Ontario's Private Schools: Who Chooses Them and Why?

Identity is a common theme for teenagers trying to figure things out and it's important for them to have a safe place to do that.

Most parents would probably agree they want their children to maintain their own sense of identity. In private schools where everyone is dressed the same, perhaps it is the perfect opportunity for children to have that without the stress of what they wear defining them. Private school uniforms don't have to compromise a child's identity—schools, students and their parents can all come up with ways for children to express themselves and share in the advantages!

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What should parents be looking for in educators? We asked one of the best. The Capstone Years program at Pickering College is reimagining what a school project can be. See Terms and Conditions and Privacy Policy. Your school-choice journey starts here.

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Advice Guide. Private School Expos. Find Schools Find Schools. Compare Schools. School Reviews. In New Zealand and Australia where the British colonial rule was in effect, the uniform system was followed in the public schools following similar rules to those in England. There are arguments that a school uniform denies self-expression with parents and educators debating if wearing a uniform actually reduced inequality or impacts the thought process of the student. Does the wearing of the uniform curtail or reduce discrimination towards the weaker members of society or has it had no effect at all?

Has the rudimentary principle behind the uniform of helping enhance academic achievements worked? There are various pros and cons associated with wearing a school uniform and something to look at in a future blog! Famous Educational Quotes.

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