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City of Savannah New Zoning Ordinance. Preserving Historic Savannah. What if I bought my home in and the tax assessed value is the same or less than I paid?

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For those of you who bought a primary residence located in Chatham County in and paid the same or more than the tax assessed value assuming the building and the land have been given values i. New Construction Homes: Often times when you purchase a new construction home the county has not assessed the completed home.

Thus, when you look at the fair market value for it may show a very low number likely just the value for the lot. While you will not be able to take advantage of this super low value you still can and should file the Homestead Exemption.

The Notice of Assessment will have the fair market value. If that value is right around or less than what you paid for the property then there is nothing further to do assuming you already filed for the Homestead Exemption.

If that value is much more than what you paid for the property then you will need to file an appeal in an attempt to have the fair market value for Stephens-Day purposes reduced to your purchase price. Oglethorpe Ave. What if I bought my home in and the tax assessed value is more than I paid? It is remarkable to see and should serve as a model to others on how to get things done for overall benefit of the community.

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