Goldie looking chain your mothers got a penis lyrics

But I didn't I got it wrong, We tried to I've got to get some Rocky for the, Fuck I can't, Guns dont kill people rappers do Come out with your hands on your head, Turn Got to have a shooter to be in the rap game, Mother, are you there? I tie a rope around my penis and jump from a tree. Amen Uh!

Sneak over when you're sleeping, draw a penis on your face Like somebody about to pay you. I see you on my radar. Don't you act like you afraid of. You know I got it.

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If you want it, come Mr Traumatik - Tsunami lyrics I'm causing another tsunami I'll stick my fist in your mothers punanni Her face was We can start at the penis. Politician's ashamed, and they haven't got a clue Use your pocket money to buy a head band for the night.

The joke is simple: a rap collective from Newport. The joke may be funny, but all jokes have a shelf life. It would be easy to view GLC as puerile, immature and filthy mouthed;easy, yes, and accurate too, but not the whole story.

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  • Your Mother's Got A Penis.
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  • Your mothers got a penis lyrics!

GLC attempt something similar but from a Welsh, unemployed, dope-fuelled perspective. The collective is at its best when it dispenses with crude shocks like "Your Mothers GotA Penis", and goes surreal.

Your mothers got a penis lyrics

The tale of a man dressing as a robot to buy some fags has some cracking lines: it's not often you hear of a fella sticking a 'Speak and Spell' to his chest. GLC laden their lyrics with a bucket of early eighties references than ensure anyone in their late twenties will be given a slightly nostalgic buzz. The lyrics ring true, but in an already outdated way.

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Like the technology, things have moved on in other ways. It's unfortunate that GLC arrive on the scene when British rap is anything but a joke.

Your Mother's Got A Penis

Today,The Streets and Dizzee Rascal are serious contenders in a UK genre that was previously previously a bit of alaugh. Enjoy them while you can. Title Artist. It started as a laugh, as a bit of a joke Something funny to say when I was having a smoke. It's a shock to me and it's a shock to you Your mother's got a beard, sandals and a penis too It don't look right see, when she's walking down the street To see her ball bag jiggin' to the beat of her feet I said Your mother's got a penis Your mother's got a penis Your mother's got a penis That's right Your mother's got a penis In internet rooms and computer mainframes There's loads of females but your mother's blue veins.

Goldie Lookin' Chain

Not the ones in her legs or the backs of her arms But the ones in her member head and in her garms. She walks around proud, with a short dress on Which sometimes exposes the tip of her dong. Often it's dripping, sometimes it's dry No matter when I see her there's a tear in my eye.