History of the cars of the 1950s

Staying consistent with post-war utilitarian attitude, the station wagons were build with strong steel bodies and a minimum of luxury frills. Research and engineering teams bent their efforts toward making the models safer, less expensive and easier to drive. Many lower-priced cars were being fitted with power steering. See ad to the right. One of the most noteworthy trends in was the rise of the station wagon.

Before the war, this body style was regarded as a luxury suitable only a country-estate, a resort or an occasional business establishment. Automatic transmissions, power brakes, power steering, power adjusted front seats, power window lifts and air conditioning increased in popularity. It was at this time, car manufacturers agreed not to advertise horsepower — as it had very little connection with actual top speed. Obviously that changed. For the first time, the US imported more cars than it exported.

Volkswagen was the most popular foreign car company. At this time the automobile industry dreamed of a time when a one-car family would be insufficient and people would buy different cars for different uses for different family members. Chevrolet made striking changes to rear-end styling in their models.

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Ford offered a full line of luxury model Continentals as well as the medium-priced Edsel. The Oldsmobile had a completely redesigned body. Italian car-maker Autobianchi made a supermini called Bianchina that got 40 miles per gallon.

1950s Cars

The car was presented to the public on September 16, at the Museum of Science and Technology in Milan. These cool, interesting, and totally helpful facts are great for helping me for a power point project in class. I was actually given a standing obation. I really enjoy this website.

From Model T to Model 3: How Driving Changed Over a Century

I know so much about vehicles, and this website was a fun and exciting read. Very fun website. Thank you for this website.

Chevrolet, The Inside Story - 1950's American Cars - CharlieDeanArchives / Archival Footage

Great read. I own a dodge royal 2dr hard top with v 8 bought from original owner.

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It run perfect drives to easy steering very touchy I am big and I am swallowed up. It has factory air in truck huge but floats down the road. The truck has enough room to put mattres. I love driving because every one sees 57 chev and fords but not many of these. I went to grade school on Hwy 3 in Canada. I remember that every year when the new cars came out in September, I could get an early look at the styling changes.

Nothing like today, all cars look alike and the new models are released earlier.

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That spurred my interest in cars. I have been a car guy ever since. Over the years I have owned some iconic cars and restored a few. That and getting a thumbs-up from somebody, makes it all worth while. My father purchased a Plymouth Suburban station wagon that was the talk of the neighborhood. It had three bench seats, and the third seat faced backward. An electric window descended into the tailgate.

Then the tailgate was manually opened to access the seat hinges were on the bottom of the door so it was pulled down. Even though this was a station wagon, the car still had fins. I still remember how big the taillights were. In we moved from Ohio to Arizona with 5 of us in the car towing a U Haul. What a great car!! The typical car had 4 drum brakes, and went without the power booster. As the cars got bigger and heavier, they were also really hard to stop. On the bigger cars, it was common to have to use both feet on the brake pedal if you wanted to stop more quickly.

The first modern disk brakes were available on the Studebaker line, along with Paxton superchargers. As a kid, not even 10 years old, I figured out US manufacturers would put the model year on the rear tail lights. Along with the part number of the tail light, and some other numbers you could find a two digit date on the lense. I remember pointing it out to a lot of adults, guys that worked on cars would be so surprised by it, and they loved it.

I remember thinking about the engineering that went into that little feature, not to mention the manufacturing cost. It was so helpful because I have to do a paper on all the flims and cars and other things in the s. Jaguar Sports Coupe Jaguar XK with 4 wheel disc brakes 1 piece windscreen borg warner transmission and twin SU carbs. Lincoln Capri with new lines and superb performance from HP engine. The New Continental for 56 with 4 wheel disc brakes 1 piece windscreen borg warner transmission and twin SU carbs.

Mercury Monterey Monterey 2 door hardtop. Mercury Mercury Longer and roomier with lowered hood real luxury at an affordable price. MGA As sparkling in design as performance a sports car with inbuilt quality and craftsmanship. MG Magnette Lively performance and comfortable family driving with sports car agility and sports car acceleration.

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Nash Rambler 4 door custom cross country rambler with big car room and comfort. The New Nash Rambler Convertible As sparkling in design as performance a sports car with inbuilt quality and craftsmanship. The Oldsmobile 98 The new 98 so much power so much luxury think about buying the new Olds.

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Oldsmobile The super holiday coupe geared for super performance. Packard Clipper Top Power up to HP V8 engines and now available the super hardtop with torsion level ride and twin traction safety differential. Plymouth Now today's best buy and tomorrows best trade. Plymouth Surburban Take up to 8 passengers in comfort. Plymouth Now with the Borg Warner Overdrive. Plymouth with smooth easy performance and the most comfortable driving position in it's class. Pontiac The most wonderful miles of your life more go and less gas dollar for dollar you cant beat a pontiac. Pontiac Dual Streak Silver streak styling and the most comfortable interior in it's class.

Pontiac with the HP strato streak V8 powerplant engine. Pontiac Catalina The Catalina Vista with wonderful styling and panoramic windshield. Pontiac Station Wagon New performance , economy, power and dependability. Pontiac The only car with wide track wheels making it Americas number one road car. Studebaker Starliner Hardtop delivers the sleek lines of a costly foreign car at a fraction of the price. Studebaker Americas Smartest hardtop the Studebaker Skyliner. Willys Jeep Tough jobs demand a 4 wheel drive universal Jeep from Willys and it is more rugged more roomier and more comfortable than you could ever expect.

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Willys Quiet Smooth Air Borne Ride in the Aero Willys for 52 and up to 35 mpg and up to 6 adults ride in comfort on the 5ft wide seats. Willys The Ace 4 door sedan with powered by the HP super hurricane engine with a double barreled carburetor. VW Beetle Volkswagen the car for your family.

The Edsel save when you buy your new Edsel use standard gas and great economy. British Sunbeam Rapier The Champion Rally car for the Alpine rally 1st 2nd 4th and 5th in it's class in the toughest rally in Europedual carbs tacho race brakes and race tuned transmission.