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Employers and landlords often request limited background checks on applicants. These background checks inform the seeker of whether the applicant had any serious criminal problems within the state such as violent crimes or sexual offenses. Limited criminal background checks do not catch these problems if they occurred in another state, however. Unlike national criminal background checks, limited criminal background checks search for criminal records only within the state of residence of the subject of the search.

Thus, if a convicted criminal moves to another state after serving time, the limited criminal background check won't show any criminal history if he's stayed out of trouble in the requesting state. Employers and landlords may want to do a national check instead to ensure that they don't miss important information from another state.

Limiting Who Can See Your Criminal Record

Limited criminal background checks list only certain types of crimes. For example, the limited background check that the Indiana State Police Department offers lists only felony and Class A misdemeanor arrests. If a subject is convicted of a lesser misdemeanor, it will not appear on the criminal background check; in addition, if a subject was arrested for a serious crime and was not convicted, the arrest will appear.

This process has continued for the past three decades.

This helps Indiana commit to the promise of the United States of America remaining a fair and just society for all. Finding a public record can be hard, despite them being available to the public by law. Here are some tips on where to find the record you want, how much they cost, and alternative sources if your record is unavailable.

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DUI laws in the state of Indiana are strict. Offenders of these laws can expect strong punishments and fines that will affect them for many years. Here is how they work, and where to find them.

Police and sheriffs in the state of Indiana create arrest records to document arrests and the events leading to them. The people of Indiana are able to access, study, and request copies of governmental records because of the U. Hamilton is the fourth largest county in the state of Indiana.

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The largest city is called Carmel. Because of the Indiana Access to Public Records Act, citizens here have access to public records by law. Indiana State Records StateRecords. Last Name:. Indiana Public Records Indiana State Records has a mission to give every Indianan the tools needed to access and obtain government-generated public records. Nov 7, pm Dr. Phil on Ukrainian adoption scandal: 'Are you a year-old scam artist?

Background Checks and Criminal Records

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