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Search results provide the employment addresses of individuals registered in the state as well as the location of individuals who are currently still being held in correctional inmate facilities. In addition, the department provides an index of non-compliant offenders that can be sorted by name or offense type. It provides online access to civil case records via its C-Track platform. Requesters can search for case records by case number, search for docket entry records, or civil judgment records.

Searches can be based on case information, case type, or the names of the parties involved. Residents can also search for records directly by contacting the courthouse located at:. Interested parties can obtain vital records at the county level. Records may also be available at the vital statistics office of some cities.

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To obtain a record, applicants may be required to provide a valid form of identification, verifying their name and mailing address, such as a driver's license. Residents of Delaware County can obtain copies of a divorce decree at the Office of Judicial Support. The office maintains a public access platform that members of the public can use to search for cases and their respective docket number.

Access to divorce files is restricted to only the spouses and attorney on record. Requests should be sent to:. The Pennsylvania Department of Health manages records of births and deaths in Delaware County and other parts of the state from till present. Certified copies are issued to only the registrant, immediate family member or legal representative.

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Interested parties can obtain records in person at any branch office. Requesters can also access records via mail by submitting a completed application form to the:. Box New Castle, PA Requests must include a valid government-issued ID such as a driver's license or passport. Can noncitizens marry in Pennsylvania? Costs What's the marriage license fee? The price varies by county. What's the marriage certificate fee? Does a self-uniting marriage license cost extra?

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Usage Where can I use my marriage license? You may use your Pennsylvania marriage license anywhere in the Commonwealth. Can I use my marriage license outside of Pennsylvania? You may only use your Pennsylvania marriage license in the Commonwealth? Can I use a marriage license gained outside of Pennsylvania? You may not use a marriage license sourced from another state in Pennsylvania. Attendance Do I have to appear in person? Active duty members of the U. What if I'm incarcerated? If you're imprisoned, make plans with your warden to apply at the courthouse.

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Application What form do I fill out? The marriage license application will ask you the following: Name First, middle, last, suffix Prior name Show maiden name restored after divorce Or show court ordered name change Maiden name If different Age Date of birth State or foreign country of birth Residential address May use confidentiality program address Social security number Will not be publicized Phone number Occupation Highest education K College Transmissible disease Afflicted, yes or no This marriage is First, second, etc Last marriage Bring proof End date End reason i.

The clerk will file your application as a public record. Newspapers may publish your name. What if I can't understand or speak English? Does a self-uniting marriage use another form? If you're opting for a self-uniting marriage, alert the clerk to give you the right form. How long will it take to complete my application?

Age Requirements How old must I be to marry? Aged 18 and over? If you're at least 18 years old, you may marry if you're competent and not under guardianship. Aged 16 and 17?

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  4. Aged 15 and under? If you're 15 years old or younger, get a court order and parental approval to marry. How is consent granted? Which court do I petition? Can consent be granted in person? Your custodial parent or guardian may give consent in person or in writing. What must parents or guardians bring? Parents and guardians, bring ID and your child's birth certificate or guardianship proof. Can I get a blank parental consent form? You may find blank parental consent forms at the clerk of orphans' court office.

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    What if my parent can't come with me when applying? Written notarized consent is fine if backed up by two adult witnesses. Waiting Period When will I get my marriage license? How soon can I use my marriage license? How do I get the three-day waiting period waived? A court may waive the three-day wait for emergencies or active duty U.

    Who can pick up the marriage license? Either you or your partner may pick up your marriage license if it's being held. Can my marriage license be mailed?

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    If asked, a few counties will mail you your marriage license. Will a waiver cost extra? The fee does not apply to active duty military. Expiration How long will my marriage license stay valid? Your marriage license will expire 60 days after issuance. What if my marriage license expires? If your marriage license expires, you must reapply and repay the fee.

    Identification Do I need ID? Do I need to bring my birth certificate? Your birth certificate may be asked for if you do not have a social security number. Do I need to bring my social security card? Will foreign or non-English documents be accepted? Non-English birth, divorce, and death records you show must have a certified translation. Blood Test Do I need a blood test done?

    Newlyweds haven't had to undergo a blood test and exam for syphilis since June 25, Divorced Do I have to prove I'm divorced?

    Bring a certified copy of your divorce decree if your last marriage ended in divorce. How soon can I marry after divorce?


    You may get married right after your divorce is final. Widowed Do I have to prove I'm widowed? Bring a certified copy of your ex's death certificate if your last marriage ended in death. How soon can I marry after a spouse's death? You may get married at once following a prior spouse's death. Name Change Can I change my name by marrying? Change your name through marriage with a certified copy of your marriage certificate.