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Way, Berkeley, California Without funding an asset to the Trust, generally the Trust will not have jurisdiction or authority over the asset. Funding the Trust is one of the most overlooked part of the Estate Planning process.

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There are three primary ways that a Trust is funded: 1 Changing legal ownership or beneficial interest in the asset to the Trust; 2 Using a Heggstad petition, when the Asset was listed on the Trust Schedule of Assets but not funded during the Grantor's life; and 3 Using the Pour-Over Will features of your Last Will and Testament to pour-over the asset to the Trust. Since the policy does not belong to you, it will not be included in your Gross Estate upon your death, and its death benefit should pass Estate and Income Tax free to your heirs.

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The Court's web site is located at www. Successor Trustees are those who manage the affairs of the Trust after the Grantors are no longer available. The top candidates from the eligible list will be forwarded to the hiring department for an interview, which is the basis for final selection. Because of this screening process, applicants who meet the minimum qualifications are not guaranteed advancement to the next phase of the examination process.

Depending on the number of applicants, an application appraisal of education and experience may be used in place of other examinations.

All examinations will be given in San Mateo County, California, and applicants must participate at their own expense. All information provided is subject to verification. This is a continuous recruitment which may close at any time.

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The final filing date will be posted five days in advance on this job announcement. Online applications must be received by the Human Resources Department before midnight on the final filing date.

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Apply immediately. This recruitment is open on a continuous basis and selections may be made at any time within the process. Skip to main content. Category Legal.


Job Type Full-Time. Close Date Continuous.

Additional Questionnaires None. Prepare verbatim transcripts of court proceedings including testimony, objections, rulings, pleas and sentences. Read aloud Court reporting notes at the request of the Court. Certify the accuracy of Court transcripts.

Deepening Court Involvement

Prepare indexes of witnesses and exhibits and file official transcripts with the Court. Operate a variety of office equipment including computers and printers. Respond to requests and inquiries from litigants.

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Perform related duties as assigned. Knowledge of: Methods and techniques of courtroom procedures. Laws, regulations and judicial procedures related to court reporting. Legal, medical, professional and technical terminology used in a courtroom setting.